Pre-Home Inspection - Should I Have My Home Inspected Before I Put it On The Market?

What is a Pre-Home Inspection you may ask?  This is a formal inspection of your home by a licensed home inspector.  The process and price of the inspection is not cheaper than an Official Inspection.  It is a full-blown inspection with data on everything inside and outside your home.  Anything that needs attention or a repair, will be noted and you will be given an estimate on what it would cost to correct by a licensed contractor.  


Why is this important?  Being proactive can save you money when you have the Official Home Inspection after you find a buyer for your home.  This knowledge allows you to correct these items yourself... saving money on labor.  However, keep in mind that certain repairs may not be for a "weekend handyman!"   If you are not an electrician and you decide to do your own electrical repair, watch out!  Not only is this a safety issue for you, but it could backfire on you during the Official home Inspection of your home.  


So, sellers...don't wait to be surprised and caught off guard when you receive a list of repairs requested by a buyer after they had the Official Home Inspection of your home.   Call us for a free consultation!   As real estate agents, we have training and knowledge to recognize areas that need attention.  At that point, you can decide to hire a home inspector or general contractor to check things out more fully before putting your home on the market.